Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister John McCallum has announced on December 14, 2016 that there will be changes to the intake of Applications for Parents/Grandparents’ Sponsorship effective tomorrow, January 3, 2017.

For Minister McCallum, this move is to ensure a fairer process for everyone who want to sponsor their parents and grandparents.  “We’re listening to what past applicants had to say and making the process fairer for people who want to sponsor their parents or grandparents. We’re ensuring everyone can access the application process by giving them the same chance to have their name chosen”, McCallum said.

Under this new process, sponsors are given 30 days to submit an on-line form indicating their interest to sponsor their parents/grandparents then IRCC will randomly select the 10,000 individuals who can sponsor this year 2017.  Those selected will then submit the complete sponsorship application package to IRCC within 90 days.

On-line forms will be available January 3 at noon (Eastern Standard Time) and will end on February 2, 2017 at noon (EST) and new Immigration Forms and Guide will be available by January 9, 2017.

Those who were not chosen must indicate their interest to apply in 2018 again.  For those who need assistance in this new process, MVN Law Professional Corporation is ready to help you.  You can contact us at 416-901-4686 or 416-636-2389.

Good luck everyone! – Gerardine Marie Alcalde (Immigration Law)